Best EMR For Orthopedics practices are faced with multiple challenges every day, including increasing patient encounter times, reducing expenses, and increasing productivity. This means that their EHRs must be of the highest quality to help them meet these demands. To help make their work easier and more productive, these practices should investigate the best EHR vendors and see which ones provide the best value for their money.


Developed with the needs of orthopedic practices in mind, ChartLogic is a top-rated EHR among orthopedic surgeons. It features precise voice recognition, orthopedic-specific templates and flows sheets, and customizable content to fit each practitioner’s needs. It also helps streamline the workflow within an orthopedic practice.

ChartLogic is an integrated EMR that offers practice management, electronic charting, and a patient portal. The software is affordable, making it the perfect fit for practices of any size. Because it understands user workflow and specialty, it includes a single-screen interface. In addition, it is HIPAA-compliant and ONC-ATCB-certified.

ChartLogic is easy to use and provides a wide range of advanced features. It allows providers to dictate directly into the EMR. It also has built-in templates and Smart Text commands for voice recognition. The support team is based in SLC and is responsive to requests in a timely manner.

Dover Orthopaedics’ physicians adapted easily to ChartLogic. Even the most technically advanced physician was able to get up and running with the software within three weeks. The entire medical practice was fully charted within a year and a half.

ChartLogic is a leading provider of electronic health records for physicians. It offers EHR, Practice Management, and Patient Portal services. Its unique and proprietary command-and-control methodology integrates voice input with the electronic charting process, allowing doctors to create notes in 90 seconds. Its EHR is designed for speed and ease of use and has a feature set unparalleled in the industry.


The Praxis EMR for orthopedics uses a powerful artificial intelligence (AI) system to learn your practice. This means you can create a chart that is personalized to you and your patients. This will allow you to spend more time with patients and build long-term relationships. It also lets you import all types of documents.

Using Praxis is a great way to increase productivity and improve your work-life balance. The software eliminates tedious template tasks and lets you see more patients and finish your day early. It also helps you improve the financial health of your practice. This can translate to higher revenues. However, your income increase will depend on how you use the software.

The orthopedic EMR allows you to gather and input data remotely and easily. This means your patients will receive better care. You can also collect data from home. And you can use the EMR to provide more detailed information about your patient’s medical history. If you’re an orthopedic specialist, you can easily access your patients’ data using the mobile device attached to your laptop or tablet.

This EMR for orthopedics includes practice management software and PACS integration. You can customize the software according to your needs and preferences. And it also allows you to use voice dictation or traditional typing to enter information. It’s also compatible with digital x-rays and integrates images seamlessly into patient charts. It also eliminates the need for tedious data entry and streamlines workflow. Moreover, it has customizable templates and workflows that adjust to your practice.

AllegianceMD Veracity

When it comes to orthopedic EMRs, AllegianceMD Veracity is the leader in the market. This software combines advanced technological concepts with a patient-centric approach to healthcare. Its unique features include patient engagement, merit-based payment, and one-on-one customer support. Its technical staff provides one-on-one assistance, software training, and data migration help to help users get the most out of the software.

Its comprehensive and easy-to-use features make it a good choice for practices with small to midsize practices and ambulatory surgery centers. The platform is cloud-based, and it runs on any type of browser. It can be accessed on a desktop or a tablet, and it offers a variety of customizable charting templates to suit a variety of patient needs.

A customizable orthopedic EMR can also help streamline certain workflows. For instance, it can streamline the process of evaluating patients and preparing their medications. Another feature of an orthopedic EMR is that it includes preassembled SOAP note templates to make it easier for doctors to document patient care.

An EMR for an orthopedics system can also be beneficial for tracking patient compliance, billing processes, and workflow. These features help practitioners manage the quality of care and ensure better patient care. However, before choosing an EMR for your practice, be sure to choose one with reasonable features and a clear training process.