The journey to parenthood or family expansion is unique for each couple. As a couple, you decide to have fertility treatments like IVF treatment in Delhi or your local city when your conventional conception methods do not bear fruit.  IVF, the shortened form of in vitro fertilization, is effective to bypass certain medical conditions and facilitate couples to become parents of a child. With time, technical advancements have increased the IVF success rate. However, it is lower in comparison with the success of treatments for several other health issues. 

Experts are working constantly to increase the IVF success rate, which largely depends on maternal age, egg & sperm quality, infertility issues & timing, and lifestyle habits. Doctors produce numerous suggestions to couples to improve the success of their IVF treatment. Advice on performing meditation and yoga poses is one of them. Here are some meditation and yoga poses to enhance IVF success rate:   


Practicing meditation is beneficial in improving concentration. Practicing meditation daily helps you stay away from tension and stress. And stress management is crucial for the success of any fertility treatment. Practicing it for 10 minutes a day can help you get what you expect from your IVF treatment.      

Supported bridge pose 

In this yoga pose, you hold yourself up with the use of your buttock muscles. It allows you to have more energy flow into your ovaries and uterus by lifting your pelvic area. In the beginning, be in this position for 30 seconds. You can enhance your timing gradually. 

Sit with bound ankles 

It is a more comfortable and easier pose. Sitting with bound ankles will stimulate your pelvic area. The position can be a little difficult for you if your hip area is tight. However, with time, you can perform this yoga pose easily. It helps you cleanse your hip area and remove all negative energies. You can perform this yoga pose for five minutes a day. 

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Standing on a supported head 

Keeping your body inverted, there will be a reduction in pressure and a boost in your reproductive hormones. You need to concentrate well on the practice of this yoga pose. And in turn, your mind will be free from all tensions and bad/negative thinking. In the early days, you can do it for 10 seconds. Gradually, you can increase the timing for this pose.  

Cobra pose   

In this pose, you will put your body weight on your arms while lifting your body up. It will boost the energy flow to the uterus and ovaries and stimulate your pelvic area

Standing on a supported shoulder 

The position requires you to balance your body weight on your shoulders. So, the sternum will have pressure in the thyroid area and the head will be tucked in this position. This position facilitates the stimulation of your thyroid gland. You should be stable while being in this yoga pose. Initially, you can perform it for 10 seconds but enhance the time span gradually. Ask a yoga expert for help to perform it better. 

Bending forward 

To perform this pose, you need to sit down on the floor or field ground, stretch both of your legs and bend yourself forward to touch the toes with your fingers. Be in this position for a few seconds and come back to the previous original position. It will facilitate blood circulation in your pelvic area.   


Certain yoga poses are beneficial for women trying to conceive naturally or through IVF. They help carry a pregnancy successfully. You can perform the above-mentioned yoga poses under the guidance of a yoga instructor to boost your IVF success.